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Will You Be My Valentine

Call it what you want; singles awareness day, Hallmark’s anniversary, a day of wasteful spending (e.g. Kepinski 5.4 Million Shilling Valentines day rate).

I simply acknowledge it as a day where we all put in a bit more energy to acknowledge those in our lives that we love.

We all celebrate presidents days or independence day and never think twice or question the holiday but why so much criticism for a day that acknowledges the feeling of love?

No one sentence has ever been used to summarise love, some call it butterflies in your stomach or not being able to imagine that person out of your life? Love is an emotion that is so special and just can’t be described in one sentence…

So being the hopeless romantic that I am, I would love to give you all some ideas on how you can treat that special someone in your life this valentines day:


  • Candles around the house and a home cooked meal with romantic music in the background
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Picnic at Arboretum with your favourite goodies
  • Scrap book with pictures of your relationship together




  • Send them a bouquet of flowers at work or at home
  • Get a nanny to take care of the kids and take her out to dinner and dancing
  • Go for a couples spa day
  • Buy them their favourite cake/cupcake from the amazing Courtney Rashid – contact her from 0725 768 109 for a gourmet desert ranging from chocolate truffles, cakes, sweets etc.



DRESS: La Elegant

Cupcakes: Courtney Rashid
















Contact Mrs Courtney Rashid on 0725 768 109 for orders



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