Woman Crush Wednesday #3: Blooming Hersi


I have had the privilege of not only growing up with, but can call Miss Faiza Hersi one of my closest friends and this weeks #WCW. Faiza has always had an impact on everyone around her, if attending law school wasn’t enough, she is the founder of Africans for Africa, a non-profit organisation that actively sought to provide aid to various causes around Nairobi by running various fund-raising events for the cause at hand.

The powerful and very philosophical soul states that her life is represented by two energies, positive or negative but she emphasises that she is constantly surrounding herself with positive thoughts and people. Sitting at Art Cafe with the young beauty, she has truly seen and done it all but can firmly state that the type of energy you surround yourself with or put into the universe does come back to you in one way or another. Its hard to not fall in love with her personality and outlook on life!

She has been an active voice for various events and causes throughout Nairobi as she influences all those around her positively each day. She is truly a driven and remarkable person to know and it was a no brainer when I asked her to be this weeks #WCW

As she heads back to the UK to finish her degree, I can only imagine the amazing things she has planned and I cant wait to find out.

Todays Look:










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